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What makes Luther Village special?

Luther Village was the first retirement community to bring full equity with co-op ownership to the Midwest. The founders of Luther Village believed that seniors should not have to give up the benefits of home ownership in exchange for retirement living. Cooperative ownership mean that residents have the benefits similar to owning their own homes, however they truly own stock in the entire community. Instead of holding a title or deed, residents own shares of stock in the Luther Village Owners' Corporation. Cooperative ownership offers many amenities and services to residents at a comparatively lower per-capita cost and also gives residents an important voice in the decision making process. This type of ownership is very different from those of traditional retirement communities offering a rental program or large entry fees.

Co-op ownership allows you or your estate to realize the market value of your home instead of a partial refund of an entry fee or rental community. Life Care Services provides the convenience of an onsite office, staffed with trained professionals with years of experience in the uniqueness of retirement living at Luther Village. The sales counselors are available to assist clients and their families, conduct tours of Luther Village, explain the exceptional lifestyle that is available at Luther Village, and help with the selection of a home that will best suit the client's needs.

Whenever residents or their families choose to sell their home at Luther Village, Life Care Services is also available to assist them in listing and selling their home at the full market value.

Luther Village keeps things smart and simple.

Residents have 100% full-equity ownership.